Established in 1996, ATENAU is an experienced local company, with 17 years activity in the field of supply and service, of Generator sets, Power Solutions, Exproof Electrical, Lighting and Automation Devices, in Azerbaijan.

ATENAU Ltd specializes in Power Solutions and has an experienced team of engineers dedicated to complex power and automation requirements. With extensive experience in Solutions projects in a wide variety of industries we are the ideal solution for all your complex power and automation solution needs.
The systems and control panels designed and produced in ATENAU Ltd are used in several fields. ATENAU Ltd produce works in fields of Power Supply and Distribution, Building Automation for Banks, Hospitals, Business Centers, Electrification and Automation works at Power Plants, Industrial Factories, Automatic Control and MCC panels for HVAC systems etc. ATENAU Ltd carries works with all stages from project engineering to mounting covering a vide range of services.

Activities of ATENAU Ltd are: marketing, representation, import, retail and wholesale electrical materials and equipment on a contract basis, projecting, manufacturing, mounting and sale several power systems, automation, lighting systems and service. At ATENAU Ltd we understand your power supply and distribution, process automation requirements. With over fifteen years experience in delivering customized power supply and automation systems, we are your experts in power solutions, process control and building management. Our power solutions based on ABB produced power transformers, MV and LV power distribution systems of Schneider Electric, Emerson and ABB UPSs, robust range of FG Wilson generator sets are powering a wide variety of applications - including telecommunications, rental, retail, healthcare, leisure, events, manufacturing, construction, financial institutions, data centers.
ATENAU Ltd offers reliable, FG Wilson fuel-efficient diesel and gas generator sets (5.5 - 2,500 kVA) manufactured to the highest standards.
Catering for every industry and sector demands flexible, robust, and reliable product and service, no matter what - that's what we do.

We are supporting industry in businesses for every sector in every type of environment just like yours.
It is a fact that gases, vapours and mists escape during the production, processing, transportation, and storage of flammable substances in the chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as during the production of mineral oil and natural gas, in mining and in many other sectors. During many processes, especially in the food industries, combustible dusts are also created. These flammable gases, vapours, mists, and dusts form an explosive atmosphere with the oxygen in the air. If this atmosphere is ignited, explosions take place, which can result in severe harm to human life and property. To avoid the danger of explosions, protective specifications in the form of laws, regulations, and standards have been developed in most countries, which are aimed at ensuring that a high level of safety is observed. Due to the growing international economic link, extensive progress has been made in harmonizing regulations for explosion protection. The conditions for a complete harmonization were created in the European Union through the 94/9/EC and 99/92/EC Directives. There are also efforts to achieve a global harmonization with the IECEx-scheme, but much work still needs to be done in this area world-wide.
ATENAU Ltd is supplier of products, systems and services for explosion protection. ATENAU Ltd for ATEX zone offers several R. STAHL decades of experience. Wherever there are explosive gas-air mixtures or dusts, R. STAHL products prevent explosions. With the highest degree of reliability and quality we ensure the safety of persons, the environment and technology.
We are always in a position to design and implement the optimum solution.
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